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Dave Curro is based in Templestowe Lower in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, and has taught in schools including Trinity Grammar School in Kew, as well as taking on private students from AMEB preliminary to LMUS standard. He also offers coaching in Suzuki violin repertoire, ABRSM syllabus and VCE Music Performance. Dave gladly welcomes adult students, even absolute beginners.

A passionate violinist and teacher with over 20 years performance experience, he focuses on the fundamentals of good rhythm, intonation and musicianship to develop his students into versatile players who understand music as more than the notes on the page.  

Training in the esteemed Queensland Youth Symphony, Dave toured with the orchestra both regionally and internationally. Dave has worked with orchestras and recording studios across Australia including the Sydney International Orchestra, Metropolitan Orchestra, Philharmonia Choirs, Polyphonic Voices, the Glenn Miller Orchestra (USA), and recording for X Factor (TV), Human NatureKatie Noonan, Delta Goodrem, Joe Chindamo and more. 

Dave holds a bachelor of Creative Industries from Queensland University of Technology and a valid current Working With Children check.

Growing up in one of Brisbane's most musical families, Dave was surrounded by music from a young age. His father John Curro AM MBE was the founder and musical director (for over  50 years) of the Queensland Youth Orchestras, as well as one of the state's most respected string teachers. His siblings are among Australia's finest instrumentalists, holding positions in the Queensland Symphony, Melbourne Symphony, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Brandenburg OrchestraPlexus Collective and more.

Dave brings his passion, versatility and lifetime of musical experience to each lesson.


With limited time slots available, call 0402 768 731 or email davecurro@gmail.com today to organise a trial lesson. 


See what Dave's students and their parents are saying.

- Chloë Beattie-Hood, Camberwell says:

"Excellent guidance on violin technique, adapted to individual level and learning style. Dave expresses enthusiasm, patience, encouragement, and a special love of music. His knowledge, warmth and joy make lessons thoroughly engaging. Very professional in every way, including lesson notes maintained efficiently online. I highly recommend Dave."

- Eloise Kingston says:

"Since taking up the violin as an adult beginner earlier this year I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Dave and truly looked forward to them as a highlight of my week.

Dave is an excellent violinist with a natural flair for teaching both music and the art of violin playing. Not to mention he is super friendly, always kind and patient with a good sense of humour. Violin lessons with Dave are always fun, interesting and informative. I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time!

If you are looking for a new violin teacher, contact Dave today!"

- Annette and Angus Webb, Richmond say:

"Dave has been an excellent teacher for our daughter, Eloise. He has fine technical skills, and has taught our daughter from when she started at the lower exam grades progressing her to the much higher exam grades in ABRSM.  He possesses the rare qualities of being patient, kind, and caring, but is also a funny big brother figure who has made learning violin an easy and relaxed process. Even when he is providing feedback, it has always been in a way that has never caused our daughter any distress, which we struggled to find in a violin teacher before Dave. We could not recommend him more highly"

- Jessie Crozier, Bendigo says:

"As an adult student, I wasn't sure that I could develop further on the standard I had already reached after 26 years. I became a student of Dave's and I instantly improved and continue to improve thanks to his thorough and educational lessons. Dave pays particular attention to technicalimprovement and development. He has been able to change bad habits that I have developed over the years. Dave's lessons are also very engaging as he brings fun and excitement through offering a diverse musical repertoire. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious and gives me a drive to practice between lessons. He teaches in a way that is impacting and easy to remember. Dave is a highly trained professional with a wealth of knowledge that any adult or child student would be privileged to encounter."

- Emma Wise, Richmond says:

"Dave started teaching my 8 year old daughter after we moved to Melbourne from Washington DC. She had been learning Suzuki method in the USA for the past three years with two different teachers and since classes with Dave she has a new passion for the instrument (which she chose!). She is now studying for AMEB and understands and reads music which she couldn't previously. I have sat in on lessons and was so pleased to see him explain music, rhythm and terms in a way that was easy for her and adds to her general music literacy.

Dave helped us acquire my daughter's first ever violin here in Australia (as we previously had rented in the US) - a big step for her.

We are delighted with Dave's lessons and my daughter looks forward to them each week. Skills and technique neither of her previous teachers had imparted such as playing to recordings have really helped contextualise her learning, not to mention making keeping time easier. 

I couldn't recommend Dave more highly, he has made our move to Melbourne better in so many ways."

- Ari Feldman says:

"Dave is an amazing teacher who has drastically accelerated my learning. I look forward to every upcoming class. During classes, I learn a new skill almost every week. This rapid learning means that I have been able to become a better violinist in a very short amount of time. In class, we cover both technique and music repertoire, and I have been able to easily see the amount of progress. I would absolutely recommend Dave as a violin teacher!" 

- Roberta Henry says:

"Violin lessons with Dave Curro, what a pleasure! As a (significantly) mature age student, I found encouragement, a great balance of expertise and the important good rapport between teacher and student. I feel I've done well under Dave's teaching, especially having a better sense of combining technique with musicality. Were it not for the impractical necessities of travelling from country Victoria to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for lessons I would continue with Dave until I was the best player I could be. Dave clearly has a gift for teaching and our lessons were productive, instructive, helpful and fun - always fun!"

- Lauren Chiu, Kew says:

"Thank you so much for all your guidance and generosity this year, without you I would not have been able to passmy AMus exam! It has been fantastic learning from you and I always looked forward to my violin lessons. Your support and encouragement are very much appreciated!" 

- Lloyd Davies, Northcote says:

"I've had music lessons for a variety of instruments from various teachers and Dave's teaching has by far been the most enjoyable. Dave is incredibly good at explaining concepts and presenting information making what I thought would be incredibly difficult feel natural.

Dave's personality, patience and fantastic musical ability have been motivating and inspiring. I'm looking forward to many more lessons in the future." 

- Elise L says:

"I have been learning violin for 3 years and have had Dave as my teacher now for 6 months. I have already learnt many new songs from the AMEB and Suzuki books. First I learnt Only Joking then Autumn in Beijing, Patrick's Reel, Heat Haze, Plesiosaurus and King William's March. In my Suzuki book I have learnt Minuet 1 and Minuet 2, famous classical pieces by Bach. Dave is great encouragement and has a great sense of humour and is very kind in all ways. He is a good teacher for all ages." 

- Will K says:

"I started learning from Dave after many years of classical violin at school. To be honest I was a bit over it. Dave gave violin a new perspective and made it fun again. As well as being an awesome violin teacher he is also one of the nicest and most humble people I've ever met. He's always bright and happy and willing to follow me down my own musical path. Overall I really love learning from Dave and would highly recommend him to any person out there who has a passion for violin!"

- Vanessa S says:

"Thank you Dave for the care and enthusiasm you have shown my son this year. It has been wonderful to see how motivated he has been and to see his excellent progress!" 

- Sharon Keeble, Balwyn says:

"Dave is a perfect violin teacher for our son, His lessons are consistently engaging and motivating. He taught my son a love of music, not just of the violin. I particularly appreciate how Dave responds to my son's musical interests as well as supporting his technical development. Thank you Dave!"

- Christobel Say, Macleod says:

"Dave has been a wonderful teacher for my nine year old son. He understands how children think and learn and is willing to go on their journey of discovery. My son is making amazing progress, covering a very wide amount of material in a short period of time. In particular, my son enjoys the opportunities to sightread, improvise and explore different techniques. As a music teacher myself I am very careful choosing the people from whom my children learn. I am very happy to have Dave taking my son for violin."

- Mark Hanson, Hawthorn says:

"It's really great to be able to get back into music as an adult and progress beyond the days of school music. As an adult learner, I find Dave is able to teach me things that are going to benefit my own learning goals. When pieces appear nerving and challenging, Dave ensures that I can utilise the correct methods to progress quickly to a new level of skill."

- Celeste Whiteman, Malvern says:

"Dave is a fabulous teacher. I love his passion for teaching. You actually believe you can do it!! He is encouraging, positive and inspires me to learn more. The lesson goes so fast and I always leave feeling excited to practice more. Dave is truly a professional musician who has the art of teaching according to the student's level. Thank you Dave!"

- Jacqui Mariott, Woodend says:

"Dave is an inspirational, passionate and highly motivated teacher. As an adult beginner with no musical background or training, Dave is very patient and explains music in a way I can easily understand. He is very supportive, and his passion and love of the violin come through in each lesson, which inspires me to play and learn.

I highly recommend Dave as a teacher. His knowledge and love of the instrument will allow any student to learn and play at a high level."

- Kellie Barker, Camberwell says:

"My son has recently embarked on learning violin with Dave Curro. Dave has the ability to deconstruct complex skills in an easy to understand manner. The supportive and nurturing environment he creates has given my son the confidence to strive and ensures he truly enjoys his lesson and practice time. His passion for the violin is evident and is a source of inspiration. Dave is a dedicated teacher and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Alex Xing, Camberwell says:

"I love my lessons and I look forward to them each week. Dave focuses on improving my skills and not pushing me through the grades. He is relaxed and teaches with enthusiasm. Dave loves his music and it inspires me to practice to the best of my ability."

- Andy Bromberger, Vaucluse says:

"Dave Curro has been my daughter's violin teacher since the beginning of 2013. In that time his teaching has been continually enthusiastic and inspirational, and he is totally dedicated to her improvement and musical development. I could not recommend Dave highly enough as a teacher. My daughter's improvement over the last 2 years and her enjoyment of the instrument has been very impressive."

- Tali Blackman says:

"Thank you so much for teaching me! I have improved so much at the violin, and I look forward to lessons each week. Thank you for everything, you are the best teacher I've ever had!"

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